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Partners - Influencing Change

A New Zealand innovation based on Partners in Policymaking™

Partners in Policymaking™” is a highly successful course developed in the USA and now used internationally. Standards and Monitoring Services (SAMS) has the license to facilitate “Partners in Policymaking™” in New Zealand and has successfully facilitated five intakes of participants.

Local and international comment indicated the desirability of taking the best from the “Partners in Policymaking™” course and refining the course to more fully reflect the New Zealand challenges, cultures and opportunities. The "PARTNERS - Influencing Change" course is now in its fifth year (2014).

The "PARTNERS- Influencing Change " course:

  • Builds on the success of Partners in Policymaking™
  • Is more accessible to a greater number of current and emerging leaders (i.e. disabled persons and family/whanau)
  • Fully reflects the current achievements and challenges in New Zealand
  • Recognises the cultural and legislative uniqueness of New Zealand
  • Consciously links with other allied projects/networks within New Zealand
  • Emphasises the existing leadership of disabled persons and family/whanau in New Zealand

The course is co-ordinated by SAMS, presented by a variety of skilled and experienced facilitators, practicum based and course content includes:

History of Disability Personalised Services
Personal Planning Guiding Principles
Tools for Change Communication Skills
Advocacy Techniques Creating Change
Working with Media Managing Conflict

Contact: Audrey Buel 

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