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Family Development

For over three decades SAMS has promoted and supported the participation of families in planning, service design and evaluation. Each year approximately 700 families interact with SAMS through evaluation and education courses.

Recently, there have been a range of new (or expanded) approaches intended to result in families experiencing greater choice and control e.g. Enabling Good Lives, Individualised Funding and Local Area Co-ordination.  

SAMS has developed a new series of specifically designed courses that will enable family to be informed and effective key contributors to personal planning, service design and evaluation. These Family Development courses draw on a rich heritage of SAMS involvement with families in New Zealand e.g. Partners in Policymaking, Partners: Influencing Change and Family/Whanau Carers Support courses.

Family development

The design of the Family Development courses has a dual purpose: firstly, to enable families to gain and refine skills and also to form informal self sustaining networks of support and information sharing.

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SAMS believes it is critical for families to be able to access independent family facilitated education and support.

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