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Customised Staff Education

SAMS staff are versatile adult educators who are experienced in facilitating interactive group learning. SAMS has unique facilitators as they have both a comprehensive understanding of the disability sector as well as being experienced trainers//facilitators. For over two decades, SAMS has supported sector and service development through assisting organizations by providing values/principles based training for management and staff. Our approach is innovative and practical.

Customised, Innovative and Practical Staff Education

Our experience suggests many organisations know what they wish to achieve—we assist by enabling staff to learn “how” to do this.

The SAMS approach to training is based on the belief that effective learning occurs when course participants are: valued, able to be actively involved in the learning process and where practical skills are taught/refined in the context of having clear values and a vision for possibilities. The in-depth involvement of SAMS in sector development for the past 30 years enables SAMS educators to have a real grasp of “what works”.

In addition to delivering national training programmes, SAMS also presents training packages that are designed to meet the specific needs of individual organizations. Course content and presentation can be tailored to meet the needs of individual staff groups and be crafted to be consistent with the mission and culture of an organization.

SAMS Educators are experienced in facilitating a variety of courses that include:

PersonalPlanning Facilitation
Interview Skills Internal Monitoring
Communication Effective Teaching
Conflict Management Strategic Planning
Creating Partnerships Professional Boundaries

SAMS is an independent non-for-profit trust. We will negotiate with you to cover our costs while ensuring you have access to quality staff development . We are happy to put you in contact with others who have used our training services.


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