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Rebecca Walton


Rebecca has been working for SAMS since 2005. Her role within SAMS has predominately been to facilitate a range of training workshops as well as lead Ministry of Social Development evaluations. Rebecca has worked in this area for over 20 years, in a variety of roles for a range of different disability organisations. The reason why Rebecca works in this area comes down to her own personal (and my families) experience of disability; which has shaped who she is, the values that are important to her and therefore the work that she does.

Rebecca’s work experiences have included: working for a range of organisations that support disabled people in a variety of ways (ie, employment, in the community, through social/recreational activities and residentially), project management (particularly around setting up new initiatives), roles which support advocacy and self-advocacy, setting up and managing a new supported employment agency and transition service, writing and facilitating training modules (for ASENZ, SAMS and other not for profit trusts), being a Board member for local, regional and national organisations, and Training Facilitator and Team Leader (for SAMS) Rebecca has a BA in Psychology and a post graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation. Rebecca believes in looking at peoples potential (what they can do - not want they can’t do) and that most things are achievable given the right leadership, motivation, planning and attitude.

Rebecca feels privileged to have the opportunity to listen to and work with the wide variety of people I meet through SAMS.

Ph: 04 2331778
Mob: 027 4260150